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Medical Surveillance Programs

Medical Surveillance Programs

OSHA requires employers to provide medical surveillance to employees who have potential exposure to hazardous substances over an extended period of time.

Medical surveillance includes a medical review of health information of employees over time, with the intention of detecting any possible workplace health hazards that may be affecting an individual in order to prevent illness or injury.

OSHA’s policy regarding medical surveillance is that employers must make a medical examintation available, at no cost to the employee, but the employee may opt out of taking the examination or participating in medical surveillance.

At B&W Compliance we offer varying medical surveillance programs that include necessary physical examination and testing for a variety of hazards employees may be exposed to, including especially exposure to crystaline silica dust particulates which is common in construction and manufacturing.

We work closely with medical practitioners and laboratories experienced in medical surveillance, to provide employers with a complete program that fits all OSHA regulations, State and Federal.

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